40-30 Solutions
Vacuum Technology

Vacuum technology / Gas analysis

  • Vacuum pumps of all brands, from primary to ultrahigh vacuum. Wet, dry, turbomolecular, cryogenic, ionic.
  • Manual, pneumatic and motorised valves of all brands, all sizes.
  • Accessories and vacuum connections.
  • Manometers, Mass Flow Controllers (MFC).
  • Helium leak detection, analysis of residual gas.
  • Calibration of manometers and reference leak.
  • Maintenance, calibration and repair of leak detectors, spectrometers.
Electronics / Electrotechnics

Electronics / Electrotechnics

  • Analogue and digital LV and HV sub-assemblies
  • Boards, variators, robots, regulation systems, frequency converters, controllers, connection cables, screens.
  • Industrial Radiofrequency. RF/DC generators, RPS, Matches, measurement systems, plasma sources.
  • Chillers, heat exchangers.
Clearning & Ultraclean

Cleaning & ultraclean reconditioning

  • Metallic and organic particle decontamination, surface control, analysis of residual gas, baking.
  • Ultraclean reconditioning of sub-assemblies made of ceramic, quartz, saphir, aluminium, stainless steel, polymer.
  • Cleaning using different processes.Chemical, thermal, mechanical, ultrasonic, CO2
Serivce and repair

Service or repair on production & laboratory equipment

  • Maintenance and repair of complete equipment dedicated to micro and nano technologies. Etch and deposit equipment, centrifuge, thermal treatments, deposit of resin.
  • On-site installation, commissioning, setting-up.
  • Calibration, helium leak detection, residual gas analysis.
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • Equipment transfer.
  • OEM supported. AMAT, LAM, STS, KLA, TEL, ASML, Semitool, Electrotech, Balzers, Thermco, Avisa.

We provide solutions to improve your productivity & optimise your maintenance

  • Design of test benches and test systems dedicated to the maintenance and control of sub-assemblies.
  • Reliability of sub-assemblies and equipment.
  • FMEA approach, re-engineering.
  • Upgrades, modifications on production equipment.
  • Development and adjustment of procedures for decontamination, ultraclean cleaning, degassing.
  • Developing, implementing workshop and maintenance equipment.
  • Advice in maintenance strategy, methodology, program, frequency, level of integration.
  • Establishing processes and procedures resulting in certification of helium leak detection.
  • NDT qualified personnel according to standard ISO9712-EN 473.
  • Designing maintenance procedures.
  • Areas of expertise include; Vacuum technology, cryogeny, radio frequency, electronic, cleaning.

Control your procedures & perpetuate your know-how in maintenance

AMPS (Advanced Management Procedures System) is a software developed on the basis of our experience in maintenance to create, manage, implement procedures and also ensure their conclusion.

Intuitive, graphic and flexible, it relies on a light full-web technology (no installation necessary on your computers) for on-site or remote use.

Our team can train and transfer all of your technical procedures into AMPS.

Introducing AMPS will allow manufacturers to control, manage the maintenance of their equipment whilst protecting their IP.

Developed in two versions, one of them being specific to the maintenance of industrial and scientific systems, this tool will also answer your most challenging needs in terms of process control and preservation of know-how.

Spart parts supply

Supply of spare parts, sub-assembly & reconditioned equipment

  • A presence on every continent thanks to our e-shop.
  • A stock of over 10 000 parts and sub-assemblies, new, serviced and guaranteed. Electronic boards, RF generators, motors, robots, vacuum pumps, chillers, MFCs, manometers, leak detectors, valves, process equipment, process kits, power supplies...
  • Operational equipment available through our network.
  • Dismantling and revaluating production equipment for micro and nano technologies.
  • Search for second-hand parts and equipment. The guarantee to buy equipment in a perfect working state and the insurance to receive an efficient after-sale service.

An alternative to repairs, an immediate availability of spare parts.

Maintenance Traning

Maintenance Training

At 40-30, we provide a comprehensive range of highly focused educational services for maintenance staff, field service engineers and end-users.

Training Objectives

Training Objectives

  • To maintain high uptime level
  • To reduce maintenance costs by improving staff skills
Training Areas

Training Areas

  • RF generators
  • Vacuum technology
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting Vacuum pumps and systems, various equipment
  • Optimal use of equipment
  • Ultracleanliness, cleaning, cleanroom maintenance
  • Electronics and industrial radio frequency
  • Non-destructive testing (Helium leak detection)
  • AMPS
  • Health & Safety
Training Courses

Training Courses

The courses are taught in straight forward, structured manner by experts in their fields leading to the legally competent performance of these skills in the workplace, allowing our customers to take full advantage of the value of their tools. Our educational team will partner with you to fine-tune the training program to better suit your company's needs and your activity.

The courses involve numerous practical, 'hands-on exercises' where trainees are given the opportunity to 'learn by doing'. The use of real high-tech equipment in working conditions ensures that the experiences are realistic and relevant and help trainees in their daily work.