Agilent Technologies offers more than 7,000 Vacuum Products, including vacuum pumps and leak detection products, components and accessories. The availability of a complete range of products represents an important strength, allowing us to offer complete solutions and be a one-stop supplier for the study, design, manufacture and servicing of all system components. Our customers are looking for “complete” solutions to their requirements: a “Product & Service System” that includes top quality pumps, detectors, components and accessories, and a service program that assures high performance, reliability over time, good pre- and post-sale customer service and technical support available worldwide. In short, they ask us for a comprehensive analysis of their specific needs and for a shared development of appropriate proposals, able to Create, Control, Maintain and Measure a vacuum.



In order to create "vacuum" in a system chamber,vacuum pumps or integrated pumping systems such as these are used.



Keeping or changing certain pressure conditions in a controlled way is essential to operating industrial processes or scientific research in vacuum.



The greatest importance are Leak Detectors: instruments designed to locate infinitesimal leaks that could damage operational functionality.



Precise measure monitoring is of extreme importance in all vacuum processes.

Agilent Technologies thrives on supporting its customers it a variety of applications in many technological scenarios. Such application includes:

R & D

  • Particle Accelerators
  • H.E.P.
  • Universities
  • Government Labs
  • Scientific Research Laboratories
  • Space Simulation

Instrumentation Manufacturer

  • Mass Spectrometers
  • Electron Microscopes
  • Leak Detectors
  • Surface Analysis
  • Gas Analysis
  • Metrology / Inspection / Defect Review
  • Systems for Semiconductor
  • Focused Ion Beam
  • Electron Beam Systems

Semiconductor Process Vacuum

  • Silicon Semiconductor
  • Compound Semiconductor
  • TFT-LCD Displays
  • MEMS
  • Process Equipment Manufacturers and End Users for PVD, CVD, Etching, Ion Implantation, MBE, Crystal Pulling, etc.

Leak Detection

  • Automotive Systems and Components
  • Semiconductor Process Tools
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Industrial Components
  • Aerospace Systems and Components
  • Power Generation
  • Food Packaging

Thin Film Deposition

  • Glass/Web/Optical Coating
  • Data Storage (CD, DVD, ...)
  • Thin Film Heads
  • Surface Coating (wear protection, decorative, ...)
  • Display Coatings (OLED, FED, PDP, ...)

Industrial Vacuum

  • Vacuum Metallurgy
  • Vacuum Heat Treatment
  • Laser Technology
  • Electron Tubes
  • TV Tubes
  • Lamps and Bulbs