Solution in Filtration

Food & Beverage

Sterile filters for removing organic impurities
Quick couplings and fittings for food and beverage dispensing equipment in restaurants, etc.
Sterile vent filters for storage tanks and fermenters


Protective filters for sensors and analysis equipment
Fine filters for preparing dialysis water
Quick couplings and fittings for medical equipment

Electronics Industry

Ultrapure water filters for rinsing baths for electronic components
Membrane filters for cleaning photovoltaic cells
Fine filters for UV coatings for CDs and DVDs

Water & Purification

Prefilters for reverse osmosis systems and ion exchangers
Centrifugal separators for degreasing baths in part-cleaning systems
Activated carbon filters for reducing odor and taste substances

Paints & Coatings

Police filters for quality control before filing drums
Self-cleaning and cleanable filters for delivering raw materials
Depth filters for removing colloidal impurities from coatings

Chemical Industry

Process filters for manufacturing chemical products
Final filters for body lotions, hairsprays and nail polish
Safety filters for retaining catalysts